5 Myths About Building an Online Fitness Coaching Busines

July 7, 2020

There are so many mixed messages and BS takes out there about what you need to do to create a successful online fitness coaching business, many of which don’t work in the real world.

Here are 5 common myths explained. 

1. You Have to Have Multiple Streams of Income

You might see a lot of entrepreneurs on Instagram selling classes, t-shirts, eBooks, etc, and think that you need to emulate this when you are getting started. This is one of the biggest mistakes you can make. 

When you are starting you don’t have the resources to match these more seasoned operators, you’ll end up putting out multiple offerings – and the result will be that they are all low quality. You should focus on ONE amazing offer, for ONE core audience. This helps you to build a solid foundation for your online fitness business.

2. You Have to Be on All Social Media Platforms

Established fitness coaches will be on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Tick-Tok, Pinterest, etc. – but this takes time, at the beginning focus on one, don’t spread yourself too thin. 

For example, focus on building up your YouTube channel. Once you have mastered one platform, expand to other platforms, by leveraging your audience on one platform to build up an audience on other ones.

3. You Have to Copy What Other Online Fitness Coaches Are Doing

Don’t get caught up in trends and what other people in the fitness coaching space are doing. Be authentic and tell your own story – keep it real. People can sense it when you have been “unauthentic” in the content that you produce. Position yourself as a leader and authority in your specific niche, it’s a much better long-term strategy!

4. You Need to Run a Lot of Ads

A lot of industry experts and marketing gurus push the message that you should run lots of ads to grow your online business. But this is not always effective. It is incredibly difficult for an unknown brand to make online advertising work sustainably and profitably. 

You should focus on organic growth in the beginning by producing good content and engage on social media with your early followers and grow your brand by word of mouth.

5. You Should Offer Hourly or Monthly Subscriptions

A lot of online fitness coaches offer 1-hour consultations or monthly memberships in the hope that potential clients will see it as a low-cost and therefore low-risk proposition to sign up for their services. 

However, you will need to work with clients for 4+ months before they see real results, you are better off being honest with your client that this will be a long-term journey. You will attract much better-quality clients.

The Bottom Line

The online fitness coaching industry is extremely competitive, you have to stand out but there are no shortcuts to building up your business. It takes time and effort, but if you put in the effort you can build up a sustainable and highly profitable business.

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