Best Platforms to Grow Your Online Fitness Coaching Business in 2020

July 9, 2020

If you are running an online business in 2020 there are lots of social media platforms that you can use to grow your business. 

You don’t need thousands or millions of followers on social media to grow your fitness business. It’s all about building an authentic and engaged following, which takes time and effort. Engagement is key, vanity metrics don’t mean anything if it doesn’t lead to sales!

Here are three of the best platforms to use to help grow your fitness business.

1. YouTube

YouTube is a great platform to create engaging video content that allows you to build up deeper relationships with potential clients. Subscribers to your channel come to know you and you start to build trust with potential clients as you become a recognized expert in your field. 

Once you have cracked the code on how to grow your audience, your audience can grow very quickly as YouTube is a great platform for content to go “viral”.

However, there are downsides to YouTube. It is a very crowded platform with millions of videos and thousands of channels so it is hard to stand out. To stand out you need to have the skillset to pull it off, like being able to professionally edit videos, use high-quality sound and camera equipment, etc.

2. Facebook

Facebook is a great platform to build your brand if you can regularly produce and post high-quality content. Creating a Facebook group is an immensely powerful way to build up a community around your niche fitness topic. 

When you have a page or group you can get people to direct message you through Facebook messenger, which creates a way to directly start conversations with potential clients. Using the Facebook Live feature is also a great way to spark conversations with potential clients as it is real-time and authentic.

3. Instagram

Instagram is a great platform to use to build up your business due to its recent growth in audience, potential to go viral, and you can start conversations with people easily when they respond to your content. 

When you are a small brand and just starting you can have a more intimate relationship with your potential clients and interact and respond to them directly, which gets very difficult when you get big. 

Instagram is a great way to grow your audience and then leverage your followers to start a Youtube channel or a Facebook Group. Just remember to be authentic and to post regularly, and to use the Stories and Q+A features to spark conversations with potential clients.

The Bottom Line

When you are building your online fitness coaching business you need to have a content plan and customize your content for each platform. 

Low-quality content for the sake of it will lose your followers and ultimately clients. You only need a small but dedicated group of followers to build up a 6 figure income.

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