About Us

FitnessEntrepreneur.com is a results-based business education company for evidence-based fitness and health professionals.

We specialize in helping fitness and health experts grow profitable and sustainable businesses so they can do what they love while serving their clients with full integrity.

FitnessEntrepreneur.com was created to "level the playing field" for all evidence-based fitness experts who lack the business skills to be competitive in the fitness and health marketplace.

Over the last few years, in the age of online coaching, we saw how educated evidence-based fitness professionals struggled to build their businesses and make a real impact because of a lack of a working business model and entrepreneurship skills.

And we also saw how "fitness bros" with barely any knowledge built extremely profitable online businesses and started to dominate the marketplace because they simply knew more about marketing and business.

Very often these "fitness bros" don't operate from integrity and they put revenue above helping people.

In many cases, they built large followings spreading misinformation and pushing products such as fat burning supplements or waist trainers to people who're desperate to see results.

Our mission is to change this.

We're here to help honest evidence-based fitness experts master business skills so they can build a trustworthy brand, create a successful online business, reach their ideal clients, and outcompete the "fitness bros".


Mario Tomic is a fitness entrepreneur and international speaker. He is the founder and CEO of Tomic.com, one of the leading fitness and personal development coaching companies in the world.

Mario has spent the last nine years mastering and coaching evidence-based fitness, nutrition, and psychology of high performance.

He's built an internationally recognized fitness coaching business and a trusted brand from scratch. He's presenting at conferences in over a dozen countries and has traveled to over 54 countries while growing his online business.

Mario is known for his relentless work ethic, no-BS attitude, and his brand has been rapidly growing with over 150 000 followers across different platforms.
Dr. Friedrich Eierdanz is a veteran marketing consultant who has experience working with some of the biggest names in the online coaching industry for over half a decade.

Previous clients include London Real, Simple Programmer, and Jasper Alblas. 

Coming from an academic background, Friedrich combines data-driven decision making, in-depth knowledge of consumer psychology and over 10 years of teaching experience.

Since 2015 he coached over 160 entrepreneurs to create proprietary online courses, build scalable marketing campaigns and turn skills into signature services and product lines. 

Company Vision

To be the world's best and most results-oriented business education company for evidence-based fitness entrepreneurs, to help real fitness experts grow their audience and build successful businesses so together we can an impact and create a healthier and happier world for everyone.


To mentor and educate honest fitness experts on proven business strategies for building a trusted brand, achieve financial freedom, and become successful fitness entrepreneurs while serving their clients with full integrity.

Our Core Principles

  • Integrity: Integrity is non-negotiable.
  • Truth: Success is not easy and there are no shortcuts around hard work.
  • Growth: Strive to become better each and every day.
  • Accountability: Hold yourself and others to the highest standard.
  • Contribution: Contribute to others to make a better world for all of us.
  • Wellness: We believe that a healthy body and mind is the key to a happy life.
  • Authenticity:  Client success always comes first.
  • Sustainability: Build for the long-term, through timeless and enduring strategies instead of seeking short-term gratification.

We hope that our work adds value to your life, inspires you, makes you more efficient, and helps you reach all of your goals.

To your success,

Mario Tomic

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