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Do You Struggle With Growing Your Fitness Business?

  • Are you are a skilled evidence-based fitness expert yet your business is not growing?
  • Do you want to build a trusted brand that people love?
  • Are you unsure where your next client is going to come from?
  • You want to grow your business but you don't want to come off as a used car salesman or a pushy internet marketer?
  • Are you confused about how to use social media platforms to build a sustainable business?
  • You don't want to waste a fortune on paid advertising?
  • Are you paralyzed by looking at a lot of different business advice and not sure what is best for you?
  • You are not happy with the revenue generated by your fitness business?

3 Pillars of a Successful Fitness Entrepreneur 


Learn how to attract the type of clients who you want to work with and who you can help the most by being your true authentic self.


Learn how to build a trusted brand and a tribe of loyal fans who love your content and who regularly reach out to you to become your clients.


Learn how to create & leverage effective systems for scaling your fitness business revenue while delivering amazing results for your clients.

Who Do We Serve?

Fitness Coaches
Nutrition Coaches
Contest Prep / Bodybuilding Coaches
Powerlifting Coaches
If you have a business that can deliver life-changing health and fitness results to your clients, we can help you grow. 

What Makes Us Different?

FitnessEntrepreneur.com is a results-based business education company for evidence-based fitness and health professionals who are dedicated to serving their clients in the best way possible and who act out of total personal integrity.

We offer personalized online mentoring programs that help fitness and health experts leverage their coaching skills into become real entrepreneurs, and build a sustainable business.

Our mentoring programs are designed for fitness experts who want to build a trusted brand, and who are willing to put in the work it takes to create a world-class experience for their clients, scale their business, and ultimately create real impact.

We specialize in creating systems that allow experts to attract their ideal clients and enroll those clients into programs that best serve them without being salesy or pushy or spending a fortune on paid advertising.

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Over the years we've discovered who we can help the most, and we choose to only focus one specific type of fitness entrepreneur.

The fitness entrepreneur we're looking for has the following characteristics:

- They are hard workers who are turned off by all the sleazy internet marketing advice.

- They are very knowledgeable in the science of fitness and health.

- They have a burning desire to serve and providing their clients with the best results possible.

- They love their friends and family and want to support them in every way they can.

- They are committed to becoming the best fitness entrepreneur they can be.

- Meaning and purpose are important values in their lives.

- They want to build a real business that works long-term and avoid the shiny object syndrome.

- They understand the power of investing in mentorship for success, they love learning, and are extremely coachable.

- Personal development is one of their most important core values.

- They are willing to go outside of their comfort zone to achieve their goals.

If this sounds like you, we’ve developed an exclusive Fitness Entrepreneur Mentoring Program that will allow you to build a thriving fitness business, enroll your ideals clients into a high-value program, and reach a 5-figure monthly income doing what you love.

If you are interested in joining our Mentoring Program, fill out the form below to request an invite, or click here to read more about it.

Want Help Growing Your Fitness Business?

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